First post! 🙂

We’ve written an automated workflow / guide to prepare distribution for OSX (from start to finish) in and outside of the Appstore. Based on all the guides & bits ‘n pieces we could find. Together with an extensive full guide that’s ( hopefully) accessible for beginners & useful for people who are troubleshooting. We also included DIY if the scripts scare you 😉

As we are not many if anyone wants to become a collaborator please PM me even if its to update the documentation page. Obviously there are not a lot of people developing for OSX but with a bit of help it could be a place to find all info needed on this enigma. We’ve incorporated everything we could find, but for sure there are still many troubleshooting pieces missing.

Also we wrote the words, but rather like a compilation, credit for all the ground work goes to threads/people described in the credits in the readme.

You can read the full text guide with DIY here and get the full git with automation scripts here.

You can find the Unity forum thread here.



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