Manikin Version Log

Manikin 1.911

  • IOS Fix small UI on XR,XS XSMax

Manikin 1.91

  • IOS Fix UI IphoneX and up
  • IOS Improved tooltip visibility
  • IOS Side menu’s moved to give a better organised working space
  • IOS Fix restore button and IAP lookup on app startup
  • IOS Fixed problem where in app purchase would sometimes not come through

Manikin 1.09

  • OSX Fixed Show save file location text size

Manikin 1.08

  • OSX Fixed Show save file location button

Manikin 1.07

  • IOS Fixed rate button

Manikin 1.06

  • IOS Fix UI main menu

Manikin 1.05

  • IOS Release

Manikin 1.04 OSX

  • Quickfix remove the Minimum OS 10.14 (Mojave)

Manikin 1.03 OSX

  • Fix for devices older than 2012. Though depending on your machine performance will not be ideal. You can drag the quality down to ge the best performance. Note that screenshots are always taken with the best quality even if you work on the lowest.

Manikin 1.02 OSX

Well everything 🙂 Though one note : we decided to wait with the hands until we can achieve a better result. We have a new approach that will be much more interesting for artists so we prefer to wait to give you the best result possible.  First we release on all platforms and then we move over to finishing the hands.


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