Adding and removing models and objects in your storyboards

Find all models in the add model menu in Manikin

The add model icon


In Manikin you can add as many models as you want to your scene. There are two ways you can add models one is through the add model menu and the other is through duplicate.

In the add model menu you will find all the models Manikin offers. Currently we have the Manikin and a selection of objects but will get added as we move forward. Just tap one of the buttons to add the respective model to your scene. A model added this way will always get added in the middle of the scene (aka your starting position)

Duplicating models through the model options menu

Duplicate model

You can also duplicate the current model to speed up creating your scenes. When you have a model selected you will find the duplicate button in the top menu-bar. Just tap it to duplicate the model. Use this function for example to quickly create a crowded bar with many models.

The trashcan icon for deleting models in Manikin


To delete a model you need to select the model you want to delete and tap the garbage can icon in the model options in green top bar.

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