Apply effects and tackle the complexities of drawing


You can also control the field of view of the camera. With this slider you can change the active lens from zoomed to ultra wide. ​


In the top menu under the tools icon you can find various tools and effects to use in your scenes. For example, you can toggle the floor in the scene or activate an overlay raster or effects like outline.

Default 3D

By default you will be working in 3D mode.

Toggle Floor

Sometimes you just need to focus on your pose without a floor. Use this button to disable the floor.

Shadow focus

Use shadow focus to stay in 3D mode but remove all texture and color distractions and just focus on your models.


Use the outline effect to just trace the outlines of the model.

Perspective focus

Use perspective focus to just see the lines of the body and simplify the foreshortening in your models. It’s also a great distraction free way to start your drawings without always drawing manikins 🙂

2D – Flat

Use 2D to just have the models without depth. It’s very similar to outline but with a little bit more visual info to hold on to.


Use the raster to make estimating lengths easier.

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