Duplicate, lock, delete and much more! Get quick results and discover all the tools in the model options!

The model options for a mannequin model


How to activate

Whenever you select a model you will activate the model options in the top and bottom menu. Depending on what model you select you will get access to a different set of options you can apply to it. For example shapes will allow you to resize and reshape and models will have animations. As the app progresses we will add more functionality. Conceptually we try to keep tools in the top and adjustments in the bottom. For the Manikin this is only the scale option but when selecting shapes you will see things like radius or height.

You can identify the options for each specific model through the green outline of buttons. Whenever you select a model you will get access to a set of options you can apply to it. Some options like DUPLICATE and copy paste are applicable to all models, but others will not.

The model options for a mannequin model

Animation, duplicate, copy, paste

First lets go over the buttons that are covered in other tutorials.

The icon to open the animation library

Animation library

The first button open the Animations library. Learn more about animations in this tutorial

The duplicate icon


Use this to duplicate the currently selected model as is. Learn more about it in this tutorial

The trashcan icon for deleting models in Manikin

Delete this model

Use this to delete the currently selected model. Learn more about it in this tutorial

Copy – Paste

Copy paste model. Learn more about these buttons in this tutorial

Locking models

You can easily get into situations where several objects overlap making it difficult to select the object you need. Or sometimes in a full scene you start selecting things you don’t need to select. This is where lock comes in handy.


In the top left corner you can see a lock icon displaying the current Lock status in your scene. If you just need to manoeuvre the camera and don’t want to touch anything just press this button to lock everything in the scene


When you see this status you know that either some or all objects in your scene are locked. Tap this icon to unlock everything.


When you only need to lock one object you tap this button. To unlock it again tap the main lock icon, which will unlock everything in the scene.


Use this to tackle overlapping objects. Often objects will overlap each other, making it difficult to see the one part you need. Use hide to lock the model and make it transparent so you can see the object you need. Just like lock this, hide is disabled by tapping the main unlock button.

Manikins in different colours


Change the color of your models

You can change your Manikins into different tints to help with seeing which arm belongs to who and to give a bit more spice to your scenes. Just select your model and tap your preferred tint.


Using the quick presets to jump-start your poses

You can use the animations also as a pose library and get very specific poses. But often when you have a pose in mind you just need something that approximates what you need. This is why we included the presets. You can find them in the top menu in the model options. Just tap one of the presets to activate it.


Use uniform scale to quickly create size variations. Uniform scale can be applied to all objects. While we are working on different head length’s you can also use scale to create size variations in your models albeit uniform they can give a bit more character to the personalities in your scenes.

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