Get the exact pose you need. Learn how to rotate separate joints to add detail to your poses

Sliders correspond to its respective color


Drag first slide later

So use dragging to quickly get close to your desired position. But to get all the details right you will need the sliders. The sliders are accessed by selecting a body part. On the Manikin every white body-part can be selected.

Dragging and the sliders work well together but generally it’s safest to drag first and slide later. Not so much for small changes but if you pose the model with the bottom sliders and pull a limb you will lose some detail.

Slider direction

Notice that the direction of the colored arrows around a selected body part correspond to the color of the sliders below. Use these indicators to know which slider to use and in which direction to pull.

Generally on models each color of slider will always use the same rotation.

  • Red is bending
  • Blue rotates sideways
  • Green is twisting

Rotate the whole model

To move the entire model you select the pelvis to rotate the entire model with the sliders.

Note that this is a reality of how simple 3D models are posed. It’s impossible with the Manikin to rotate the pelvis with the sliders. So to get your pelvis placed correctly you will need to drag.

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