Taking screenshots in Manikin

Taking screenshots in Manikin is easy

Press the camera icon for 2 seconds


Tapping the screenshot button will by default take a normal screenshot by which we mean a screenshot of the view how you see it.


All your screenshots are taken with the best settings. So even if you have to work on the lowest quality settings your screenshots will look nice and crisp!

Resizing (standalone)

On standalone you can also resize your window to get the frame dimensions you want. By default if you switch to windowed mode (through the icon in the top menu) you will have a perfect square frame.

Screenshot settings

You can also find more options to finetune the screenshot section in the main settings (top left button)

Options include transparence (read more below) disabling the watermark, including the UI and lastly 360 mode which take multiple screenshots from all the sides angles in one take. This mode takes your saved views (or the default ones if you didn’t save any) and takes a screenshot from all of those angles.

Example screenshot with transparency enabled


If you only want to capture your objects and models you can long press the screenshot icon to open the screenshot settings and select transparent. This will only capture the models & objects in your scene, meaning the background will be transparant. These screenshots can easily be used as a base layer in image editing software like photoshop or procreate.


When outline is active the transparancy toggle will invert the outline effect. So a black outline on a white background.