Manikin Files, sharing, screenshots & settings tutorial


Watch the video tutorial or read more about Files, sharing & screenshots in Manikin further down.

In this tutorial we cover all the basics on saving and loading files, taking screenshots and sharing your scenes with other Manikin users. You can watch all our video tutorials on our Youtube channel here

How to save files in Manikin
Saving files

Save & load

When you have finalized your scene, you can save it to your disk for later use. This is done in the Main Menu under the File tab. A save will include your models, lights, your saved views and FOV.

We also included most of the poses we made on our Instagram page (@Manikin_by_unsh). You can find them as presets in the two dropdowns on the side.

How to copy paste poses in Manikin
Copy paste pose

copy paste pose

In the model menu you will also find the copy & paste buttons. Use these to copy and paste this pose to another model. When you copy a pose it is saved as text to the clipboard. This means that you can share this text with other manikin users that can then paste your text poses into their scenes. For example this text below is the copied pose from the screenshot on the left:


How to copy paste scenes
Copy paste scenes

copy scene

In the same way, scenes can also be copied & pasted as text. So you can easily share your creations with other people. In a scene export your models lights and camera will be saved, but not the saved views and there always be a little loss, though this should be dismissible.

Importable texts can be identified as scenes or poses by the first word in the copied text. So POSE for a pose & SCENE for a scene. For example this is the code for the same pose as before but exported as a scene:


Taking passe-partout screenshots and normal screenshots


Finally, you can create screenshots with these two buttons on the top. If you want to capture your view as is use the normal screenshot button (the camera icon with a full line below) If you only want to capture your objects use the screenshot without background button (the camera with dotted line) This will only capture the models & objects in your scene, meaning the background will be transparant. These screenshots can easily be used as a base layer in image editing software like photoshop or procreate.

In the settings you can find more options to finetune the screenshot settings. Such as disabling the watermark, including the UI and taking multiple screenshots from all the sides angles in one take.


All your screenshots are taken with the best settings. So even if you have to work on the lowest quality settings your screenshots will look nice and crisp!

Manikin_show save file location


In the settings you can find a button that points you to the location of your save files. If you are on Windows the containing folder will be hidden (you can show all hidden folders in the folder options). The save files themselves are a chronological representation of your save menu, counting from 1000. So 1000.bytes is the first, 1001.bytes the second and so on…