Manikin help


Frequently asked questions

  1. Screenshots have black background in preview
  2. Some operating systems fill in the black with a placeholder color. Don’t worry your screenshot is ok and ready for use.
  3. There is loss in scene exports
  4. Yes there is some loss when exporting scenes as text, but normally this should be minimal
  5. Shadows are pixelated
  6. This is covered in the light tutorial.
  7. Where are my saves? (MacOS/Windows)
  8. This is covered here
  9. Can I save animations?
  10. No you cannot, at this time Manikin is not built for creating animation.
  11. How can I get high resolution images like on your instagram?
  12. The quality of your screenshots is highly dependant on the resolution of your screen. The images on our Instagram are taken on 4K screens which offers the best results also quality on mobile is always lower to improve performance.

Need more support?

  1. Manikin is a passion project and we truly want to create the best experience possible. So if you have any problem, idea or suggestion please contact us. We value all feedback and will always help you if you have a problem!


  1. Fullscreen performance is slow on MacOS
  2. In the Options menu you can lower the Quality settings. Especially on 4K screens the highest quality can be performance heavy, generally the middle settings are more than enough to work. Also don’t worry about your screenshots. Whenever you take a screenshot the highest quality will be temporarily activated so you have the best quality screenshots.
  3. General troubleshooting, something is weird is happening.
  4.  (1) Restart your device (2) If this doesn’t help and the problem persists delete and reinstall Manikin. (3) If your problem still isn’t solved please contact us!
  5. Manikin does not start / crashes on startup
  6. (1) Check if you are running OSX Mavericks (10.9.5). It’s a bug in Unity with Mavericks. Upgrading your system will solve this problem.
  7. (2) There seems to be a common problem with mac and the engine we use (unity). Could you try the solution below and see if that fixes the problem?

    1. Right click the Manikin app and click “Show Package Contents”
    2. Then go to : Contents > MacOS > (Here you should see the Manikin executable)
    3. Open Terminal and type “chmod +x” and hit space.
    4. Drag your file over to the terminal
    5. Hit Enter

  8. Problem still isn’t solved please contact us!


  1. I bought the in app purchase upgrade, but Manikin does not unlock
  2.  (1) First try to buy the upgrade again, don’t worry you will not be charged twice. Sometimes the purchase does not come through and buying it again forces Apple to check if you did. (2) Also if your iOS is not up to date, try upgrading to the latest version. In a lot of cases this fixes the problem. (3) Make sure your have the latest version of Manikin. (4) If that does not work (starting from Manikin 1.91) got to the settings and press “Delete all settings” then restart Manikin, go to the Unlock menu and press restore purchase. (5) If all of this does not work please contact us. We know how it feels when you buy something and it does not work and do not want anybody to experience that.