Move around fast in orbit mode. Learn how to use the default camera in Manikin

360 Orbit Mode


By default you orbit around your last selection. When this (orbit) mode is active you can see this icon in the bottom view menu.

When orbiting around you’ll notice the camera is focused on the middle of the manikin. You can change this focus point by selecting another body part or another object. With the Manikin models white body-parts are selectable and each has it’s own behaviour, learn more about selecting in the Selection tutorial.

In 360 the camera will always orbit around your last selection. ​ This will help you with posing each specific part of the manikin as it lets you quickly switch between focus points and move around the model and the scene.


Deselect by double clicking the background. This also hides objects such as bend-goals.

That’s great but how do I pivot and pan??

If you activate freelook mode you can also pan and pivot. Follow the link to learn more about this movement mode. ​



  1. Hold the right mouse button and drag and you’ll see the camera starts orbiting around your selection.
  2. Scroll to zoom


  1. On mobile drag the background with one finger to orbit
  2. Pinch to zoom.

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