Pan, pivot and move forward. Learn all about freelook and Manikin’s complete camera control


Switch between 360 mode and freelook

Manikin features another camera mode called freelook. You enter freelook by activating this button in the view menu. ​ When the freelook mode is enabled the camera will not orbit around a focus point, but instead allows you to move freely in the scene.


  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard
  • MOBILE Two finger drag  to pan.

Move forward / zoom

  • Scroll wheel
  • MOBILE Pinch

Pivot / look around

  • Hold the RMB and move mouse
  • MOBILE One finger drag

With this camera you can make any composition you want. Let’s say for example we would like to have a closeup. We use the scroll wheel to move close to the manikin, pan with the arrow keys to get in position and finally we use the RMB to adjust our camera angle. And lowe and behold here’s your final frame. ​

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