Learn all about Selecting models in Manikin.



Selecting is done by tapping a limb. As a rule of thumb all white is selectable and black is not. Things will change when we expand our model collection but we will try to hold on to this color-coding as much as possible. We will quickly go over all the limbs and how the behave. Every white in this image is selectable and can be indepentantly rotated with the bottom rotation sliders (Blue/Green/Red)


Deselect by double clicking the background. This also hides objects such as bend-goals. Note that it only hides bend goals they will still be active but invisible. To fully reset a limb you will need to stretch it by dragging (Read here)

Overlapping objects & selecting when you don’t want to

To help with this you have unlock and lock these buttons are described in the model options tutorial.


Dragging moves the entire upper body and pelvis.

Use this to quickly sit your model down or move the whole upper body at once. The sliders will rotate the whole torso


Dragging the head will move the head and shoulders.

Using the sliders will only rotate the head. When you adjust the head with the sliders the head will keep its rotation. To reset this behaviour you need to pull the head until the body moves. This is described in the dragging tutorial


Dragging an upper arm will move its respective shoulder.

Rotating will just rotate the upper arm.


Dragging the forearm will have the same effect as dragging the hand.

Rotation with the sliders will rotate the forearm.


Dragging the hands will drag the entire arm.

Rotation will rotate the hand and hold its position. Just like the head you can disable this effect with the drag reset


Dragging the pelvis moves both upper thighs.

Rotating the pelvis with the sliders will rotate the entire model as is.


Dragging a thigh will move its upper joint in the pelvis.

Using the rotation sliders will rotate the upper leg.


Dragging the shins is similar to the forearms in that they have the exact same effect as dragging the feet.

Rotation will rotate the shin.


Dragging the feet will move the entire leg. Also by default the foot of the mannequin will be placed on the ground when you move it close to the floor.

Rotating the feet will rotate the feet and (just like the hands) hold the chosen rotation until you reset them with dragging .

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