Copying poses in Manikin


Use the copy paste buttons to quickly paste poses on your models. Together with duplicate this can really speed up creating your scenes. Poses are also copied pasted as text just like scenes. So you can easily share your poses with other people.

If you select a model you can find the copy & paste buttons in the top menu. NOTE In previous versions we hid copy-paste to reduce the menu. If you cannot find copy-paste in your menu just long press the next model icon until you see a popup with settings that let you show-hide the copy-paste functionality.

Copy paste only works with identical models, which makes sense now but in the next updates we will include more humanoid models. So always make sure that you are pasting the correct data for the correct model if you don’t you will see an error in the top right corner telling you the data doesn’t match.

Also a text-pose always starts with POSE and a scene copy always starts with SCENE.


Just tap the copy button to copy the pose to the clipboard as text. If you want to keep this specific pose you can just paste this code in any text editor for later use. Look at the bottom of this page to see an example of a text-pose.


When you copy poses as text just press the paste button to import your text-pose. If it didn’t work check the top right corner for more information.


Select and copy the text below to import the pose of this pose into Manikin! Code looks scary but don’t worry it’s like copy pasting your favourite lyrics from the web!


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