Tutorial Save your scenes


When you have finalized your scene, you can save it to your disk for later use. This is done in the Main Menu under the File tab. A save will include your models, lights, your saved views and FOV.

If you’re a first-timer, just create new save file. Select it, give it a crazy special name, like “The adventures of Horse raddish” and press save.

How to save files in Manikin


The row above new save file is your collection of saves.

We also included most of the poses we made on our INSTAGRAM PAGE (@Manikin_by_unsh). You can find our early posts as presets in the dropdown.


In the settings you can find a button that points you to the location of your save files. If you are on Windows the containing folder will be hidden (you can show all hidden folders in the folder options). The save files themselves are a chronological representation of your save menu, counting from 1000. So 1000.bytes is the first, 1001.bytes the second and so on…

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